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Tesei Software offers exclusive solutions for your business and home. Using our software, you can always be sure that it’s a high-technology product. Functionality, safety, easy usage and maximum openness for clients are our fundamental principles.

Get a look at solutions we offer. If you are a system administrator, a head of IT department or owner of a home network, get a closer look at NetRCM application. It’s our latest solution which doesn’t have analogues at the market. It will definitely help you in your every day work. Increase PC and network security, get full access to remote computers on your network, protect sensitive data with NetRCM. Try it now and get a real competitive advantage!

We try to pursue as simple and accessible pricing policy as possible. Thus, you can use any our product for free during 30 days (besides free products). After that period, you can purchase it at a reasonable price. 

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"Our IT department uses NetRCM every day for solving various tasks including improving corporate safety"
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