NetRCM is innovative product for administrators of local and corporate networks and support services. The program has many features, most of them are unique (remote USB control, remote console, remote process managment, etc)

• Acquiring detailed information about a remote computer including it's characteristics, information about the OS, current user, shared resources and operating memory.
Management of access to USB Flash drives. The administrator can permit or forbid the usage of Flash drives at a remote computer.
Console connection to a remote computer. The administrator can perform any OS commands and launch programs as if he’s working directly at a remote computer in the CMD console.
Remote process management. Displays running processes at a remote computer and allows finishing them.
Remote shutdown, reboot of a computer and logging-off the user.
File transfer. Allows uploading any file to a remote computer. The file can be launched from the console later.
Messaging to a remote computer.
Pinging or trace routing for a selected computer directly from the program

All these functions are also available in batch processing. For example, you can upload files to several computers in one click and then launch them. Or block all USB Flash drives on all computers in the network. It’s very useful and easy-to-do!

Interface of the client is very simple and functional. You can create lists of computers and add comments to them. If you need to connect to a computer without adding it to the list, use the Quick Connect option. The program is easy to use and distribute in the network. Compatiable with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012 (32 and 64 bits).

You can evaluate all it’s features in 30 days completely free! Then you can purchase the program at optimal price depending on number of personal computers to install the server to.

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Clients about as

"NetRCM is an essential application for our company, because control of access to flash drives is very important for us."
Nicolas A., sysadmin


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